Hertfordshire U17B – December 2018

Zak Malik – Hertfordshire U17B – 1 December 2018

Hertfordshire U17B - Zak Malik

Hertfordshire U17B – Zak Malik
Two Bronze medals

On the 1st December, I played in the Hertfordshire U17B Badminton England tournament. I played quite well, getting out of my box in singles and doubles, however mixed was a different story. Despite being the 3/4 seed, me and my partner (Emily Goode) failed to convert all of our games, losing to the gold medal winners 21-18. However, in singles I was seeded 9/16 and comfortably won all my games, 21-15, 21-10, 21-9. I was then through to the round of 16 where I won my game 21-18, but it shouldn’t have been that close as I was 17-11 up. I was then confronted with the number 2 seed (Nithin Santhosh), who i had previously faced and beaten. This time proved à similar result and I came out on top winning 21-17. In the semi-finals i was faced with the 3/4 seed (Arav Swati Abhay) who later went on to win the final 21-15. Unfortunately, I had lost this game 21-19 due to a very severe calf cramp and had to be carried off court. I had to postpone my pending doubles games for about half an hour as I couldn’t walk, but when I finally got round to playing, me and my partner, Sam Cook, had won all of our doubles games in a very tight box, narrowly beating the 3/4 seeds (Jason Arya and Izaak Smith) 21-18 and beating the other two partnerships 21-16, 21-14. We were then in the semi-finals facing the number 1 seeds (Nithin and Prabav Santhosh) who were seeded 1 and 2 in singles. Unfortunately, within the first 11 points, me and my partner were unable to convert many of the points leading to a 21-11 loss. I thoroughly enjoyed this tournament and was pleased with my result.

Results for the Hertfordshire U17B can be found HERE.

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