Light My Fire – Club series 2017-2018

See the bright and colourful LIGHT MY FIRE range

Prepare to light up the badminton court with styles from our new Light My Fire  club series. By mixing the playful fiery coral with more calm colours, such as blue, black and white, we have created an exclusive sporty look.

Light My Fire - Club SeriesThis new club series range is about to hit the shops, or should I say website. Some of the items are already on the site with a small delivery already received, but any day now the rest will be here. These brightly coloured shirts are comfortable and well made. The jacket light weight but warm. The range includes Dudley and Dunlin, Denver and Dubia and of course Dhaka and Dundee polos.  Then the softly quilted jackets, Paisley and Player a dream to wear. All of these items give you that edge on court, when you look cool, feel comfortable you have nothing to worry about. You just go out on court ragging and play fierce……!

Light my fire the range to spark that fire in your belly and get you going on court………!

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